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Outrageous sky today.

In Praise of the 40” Square Baby Quilt

Finished a baby quilt recently for friends who are employing a sock monkey theme on a massive scale.  So I hunted down a couple of OOP Moda sock monkey fabrics and here’s the front (4 log cabins):

The back is all one piece, which I call “Sock Monkey Yearbook:”

Love the binding, which is this faux bois business — can’t remember designer or line:

I counted recently: I’ve finished 8 baby quilts and a gigantic Minecraft quilt for my son when he turned 10.  I’m still not a really seasoned quilter, and definitely not a trained quilter, but I have developed a very strong preference for a 40” square baby quilt.  And let’s be honest, babies are the only people who will predictably receive the gift of self-torture from me.  So 40” square it is.  Why 40”?  I made a list:

  1. It is small enough to use a single quilting motif as a centerpiece: one star; one log cabin; one dresden plate; one whatever.
  2. Large enough to wrap a baby / toddler / small child.
  3. Small enough to manage the entire quilt under the machine without cursing (much).
  4. Not a space hog in a high efficiency washing machine.
  5. Can fit entire quilt (for marking quilting lines) on a small dining room table, cutting table, etc.
  6. Calculating binding is simple, because you need only 4 passes at a standard, 42-45-inch wide fabric to bind the entire quilt.   That’s 1/4 yard for 2-in-wide binding strips, or 1/3 yard if you’re being careful.
  7. Quilt backing is also simple, as you can use one 40” length of standard quilting fabric for the backing.  A busy print keeps it interesting and fuss-free.

Project Runway, Season [Unknown], Episode [Epic Zac Faces]

I can’t say what is going on with me and Project Runway.  I watch out of habit, I guess.  Or maybe I just wait to see my favorite, Zac Posen, when all the junk hits the runway.  This week he served up two really great faces, the first when critiquing Alexander’s dress:

And the second when lamenting how blah Samantha’s dress was:

And since I was on a roll with the animated gif’s, I couldn’t help but capture Tim Gunn’s epic comment in the sneak peek of next week’s episode:

The lip reading is dicey there, so I’ll quote it for you:

"This is nothing, if not the season of the vagina."

[Oh yes, he did!!!!]  And THAT must be why I continue to watch this show.  LOL Kyle!!!!!

Rainbow. Yay!

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