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Been sewing like a mega beast lately, at least in comparison to NOT EVEN SEWING AT ALL, which has been the state of things the past couple years. Fortunately, I had occasion to sew some matching tote bags for my birthday friend and I. She digs stripes, as I do, and wore a particularly cute nautical themed outfit one day, so I made her the navy and white tote. I have been feeling grey and cream lately, so that’s what I used for mine. B-day Friend is much taller than I, so I made her straps longer. When I see this pic, I think “big sister and little sister.” 😊 We were at an all-day work event together on our bday so we brought our matching totes in celebration.

This dude!!!!! Tiny and prehistoric-looking!

I dig the Pilot G-2’s — have them in lots of colors — but this is the second one that has broken this way, in the middle of writing. Anyone else have this problem with this pen???

Sometimes a plan just starts coming together. Even if the plan has been untouched in your mind for a year or so.

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